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1. Brief from clients

Recruit-Europe arranges a fast and efficient recruitment service. A thorough analysis of our clients' needs guarantees a successful recruitment process. Together with the client, we discuss the unique needs, challenges and interests of their company, as well as a profiling the most desirable candidate. During these meetings, we take into account the expectations required for the post, the current market and use these to identify the ideal candidates. We also analyze your corporate philosophy and business strategy. As soon as we understand exactly what kind of candidates you are looking for, we begin the recruitment activity.

2. Analysis and target search {competing company}

Having identified the desired candidates, we form a list of the target companies likely to be currently employing such talent. Our recruitment strategy will generally comprising a combined search for talent via referring to live databases and posting of job adverts on appropriate jobsites and job boards.

3. Head-hunted talent search

Our company has highly-qualified head-hunting know-how. Head-hunting generally takes some time, but our global network and advanced IT system ensure that we can provide you with an expedited head-hunting service.

4. Contact with candidate(s)

Our consultants will contact potential candidates and discuss the particulars and benefits of the recruitment project. As a rule, we will never give your companies name until the candidate shows an interest in the position and the keenness to interview with your recruitment staff.

5. Interview with the candidate(s)

Our consultants will carry out a more in-depth interview with all potential candidates who are interested in the job offer. We assess their suitability for your company and position, and outline the job description, requirements and conduct any necessary checks and assessments.  

6. Interviews with the client

Subject to our interview with the candidate, we will submit a report to the client with along with our assessment of the candidates' career history and their CV. If the candidate meets the necessary criteria, we will arrange an interview with the clients' hiring staff.

7. Hiring decision

The client makes their hiring decision after having met and interviewed all the nominated candidates. Provided that the candidate has been successful in their interview, we will negotiate all aspects of the job offer between both parties.

8. Post-hiring care

Should any disagreements occur between the clients and candidates occur, we will consult with both and endevour to reach a satisfactory solution.