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IT Support
Web design

and in Internet world, it will have aimed at the Web site that can
correspond to the change at any time, and we offer the project,
production, operation, and the support afterwards of the construction
advancement of the design of the entire IT support Web design Web site.
The Web site where Web2.0, Flash, Ajax, XHTML+CSS, and blog
(MovableType/Wordpress), etc. often united in the balance is made.
thinks about the Web design that achieves safety and comprehensible in
the person who doesn't think about an individual screen design alone
but visited as the entire Web site. Moreover, it is thought that the
Web design and the Web site develop always repeating enhancing and
evolution. I will achieve the Web design and the Web site where the
customer can be satisfied being possible to correspond to the change in
the situation flexibly.

System design
provide Web contents and the Web service that always evolves with
stability, we will safely propose the bulletproof system. Moreover, a
flexible system design (design) that can correspond to the development
of the technology in the extendibility and the future to use the system
that constructs it once long is borne in mind.
We will propose the
Web system that achieves an ideal uniting of the Web system (program
CGI, PHP, Java, etc. and data base, etc.) and Web contents (Web
The programming element is indispensable to construct the
Web site and the Web service now. It is an important element that
records, processes information by using the data base, and expands the
possibility for Hitoshi and the Web site. Our company is offering those
Web programmings as Web site construction service.
Web contents
are opened to the public on the system unlike printing media (paper
medium) and the image media, and, then, it doesn't end. The operation
of maintenance and the watch etc. of every day is ..the Web system..
necessary to do the stability operation continuously. Please leave the
Web site operation for which advanced expertise is necessary to our

transactions necessary for EC (electronic commerce) and system
construction corresponding to various digital cash are supported.
Moreover, we will propose a variety of EC solutions like not only the
settlement system but also the affiliate, etc.I will answer needs that
it wants to introduce the credit card and the settlement system by
digital cash into your Web site.

Rental server

place where not only Homepage making but also the produced homepage is
opened to the public comfortably is offered. The service offer by an
excellent environment in stability, safety (earthquake-proof and crime
prevention and watch), and extendibilities is done.

Domain registration and transfer

(transfer) business of domain registration and an existing domain
necessary to use our rental server service also goes. .It corresponds
to each domain kind such as com/.net/.pl and use it, please.